my car doesn’t immediately turnover when I turn the key there is a delay and then it turnsover and starts. It is not the battery no clicking. Sometimes it turns right over and sometimes there is nothing for a second or two before it cranks. any suggestions

What year? Maybe it’s the anti-theft system.

It’s a 97 buick lesabre Thanks!!!

Or it could be a tired starter relay.,wpn_tl_name:Engine+%26+Drivetrain,wpn_cat_name:Starters\%2C+Alternators\%2C+Batteries+%26+Components,wpn_scat_name:Starters+%26+Components)&refType=Category&refValue=Starter+Relay

This relay is energized when you turn the key and through its contacts pass the starter motor circuits. You’ll find it under the hood in a relay box.

The ignition cylinder itself may be worn and tired, or the starter solenoid old and tired, but the relay is easy to change and affordable. Unfortunately, there’s no convenient way to test it at home for activation time.

Thanks for your help!! I will have it checked out!!!