1994 buick lesabre won't crank


turns over rapidly & is firing,but won’t crank after it has heated up & been left for about for about hour. Fuel pump has been changed along with 2 sensors by my technician. the problem has been going on for about 6 to 8 months. Any ideas about what the problem may be. Thanks


When you say ‘won’t crank after it has heated up…’, do you mean you can hear the engine turning over with the key in the ‘start’ position but it does not start running on its own with the key back in the ‘run’ position. If the engine is truely not turning over in the ‘start’ position, you have a problem relating to the starting circuit, i.e. starter, power cables, battery ignition switch, etc. If the engine is turning over in the ‘start’ key position but the engine does not catch and run, you have a problem with ignition, ignition timing, crank sensor, cam sensor, coil pack, ignitor, power feed, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, engine computer, etc. Has the mechanic experienced the problem and diagnosed with the fault existing?

Give us a little more information and we can help.


I guess the full ashtray belongs in the ‘etc.’ eh? (Chuckle)