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Starter repair

I am trying to repair my cars starter and need some assistance with a few things.

Like what?


If it is a bad starter just replace it. Other wise you need to state what kind of assistance you need.

Take the starter to a reputable local Auto Electric Shop. There, it can be tested, repaired, and renewed.

The auto electric shop is usually the best choice. But it is possible for a person to repair their own starter too, if it is just the solenoid parts are fried or the commutator needs a little cleaning up. This is not something a typical diy’er would do, certainly not without access to the factory service manual procedure. Do you have that at hand OP?

Some starter motor problems aren’t easily done by a diy’er b/c special tools are required for the bearings.

It has been more than 40 years since I’ve had a starter apart. You mean the bearings aren’t in the end caps anymore?