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Starter on a 2004 Ford Taurus with 135,000 miles v6, 3.0 L

How do I know if the starter is bad? My engine light goes on and it is a little hard to start. Should I replace it or should I wait until it does not start? Thanks.


Nothing you’ve said has anything to do with a starter.

Explain this: “it is a little hard to start” in detail.

A bad starter will never turn on your engine light. If your engine light is on take the car to a major chain auto parts store and have them pull the error codes. Most do this for free. Write down the exact codes (like P1234) and post them here.

When I say it is a “little hard to start” I mean that it does not turn over or start immediately. It takes about two or three seconds before it starts. The code was P0306. Thank you.

Code P0306 is a misfire on #6 cylinder. I doubt that is causing the starting trouble you are having.

I had the coil pack and all six spark plugs replaced. Could it be a defective coil pack or defective spark plugs? Thanks.

The trouble could be with the plug or coilpack. You could try swapping or replacing the plug first to see if that makes a change. Make sure the plug gap is within specs. If that doesn’t help then you could try moving the coilpack to see if the problem moves with it. Doing a compression test may show up a problem also.