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Starter circuit issue

2005 Altima ser 3.5 liter, have had recent issues with camshaft and crankshaft sensors. All are new, the car died and now the it seems as if there is something holding the starter out of the circuit. I have voltage to my starter, I checked the B/Y and have power through ignition when in start position. There is a single black wire going to starter is this the starter signal? I have no power to it but not sure how the circuit operates. Any help would be appreciated.

BBB Industries offers free wiring diagrams. Please be careful when checking wires for voltage. Plenty of damaged wires/connectors will pass voltage but not current. A test light is the tool of choice here. For high current tests, try wiring up a headlight bulb-that will draw maybe 4 amps where a test light might only be 300 milliamps.

Yes, this thin wire is connected directly to the starter solonoid contact and provides the signal to operate the starter. Check and make sure there is no corrosion where it clips to the starter. The red(positive) cable goes from your battery to the starter and provides the high voltage to the starter.The black cable(negative) is the chassis ground.The starter is grounded by itself to the chassis.