Started but won't move


My 1999 Crown Victoria is started but won’t move! Checked fluids even added transmission fluid and still won’t move! Also my floor brakes have went out! What could be the problem


you state: ‘started.’ what does this mean? the engine runs? it shifts? explain.

if your brakes have “went out” explain that too.

have you looked under the car for leaks, especially around the wheels?

have you looked in the brake fluid reservior to ensure it is up to the full mark?

most car have a brake/shift interlock system. typically you must push down on the brake pedal to get it to shift out of park. if you have a leak in the brake system you wont be able to get in to shift into D, or R.

BUT, if your brakes are that bad, then you dont want to drive the car anyway (at least until the brakes are fixed.) you dont even want to drive the car for even a short distance to go get the brakes fixed!


Yes the engine runs and I can hear it shift into gear but it won’t accelerate at all. I will get the brakes checked out but do you think my transmission has went out or caould it be something minor?


It does not sound like something minor. Have the car towed to a reputable shop that does transmission and other mechanical work. If you are lucky it is just something in thje controls that prevents the car from upshifting.




Just how much transmission fluid did you have to add?


how do you know the brakes don’t work if the car doesn’t move? Sounds like they might be working a little too well to me :wink:


What is a “floor brake” i.e., how does that differ from regular brakes? I suspect that your parking brake is locked up. When you put it in drive or reverse and give it just a little gas, does the car sort of rise up on the suspension or does the engine race?


I added 1 quart


the engine just races but it won’t move at all? What do you think it can be??


This post is still a bit hazy.
When the engine is running do you feel any movement at all? Does the car try to lurch or anything?

Try shifting into LOW with the PARK brake firmly set. Try to rev the engine a bit. Feel any movement at all?

Does the gearshift lever feel normal, or does it have a loose feel to it?


Yes u can hear it changing in gears and it jerks a lil bit but will not accelarate in any gear . Won’t move forward or backwards. Also when I put it all way in park it makes a crunching noise


just as a thought to jog memories; doesnt the crown vic have a ‘auto release’ ebrake pedal? (the kind that shifting it into D or R releases the ebrake?) possibly the ebrake isnt releasing as it should.


The gear shift feels the same


I’m trying to determine if you have a fried transmission based on no movement and the adding transmission fluid comment.

With the PARK brake set, shift into LOW as I mentioned and depress the accelerator pedal. The engine SHOULD stall out at around 1900 RPMS, give or take a bit.
Also do this in DRIVE. Do this only ONCE.

If the engine does not stall out and the RPMS go on up to 2500, 3000, or whatever, then the transmission is probably roasted.


It stalled out? Do you think the transmission cable could have came aloose. Does it have 1???


I think your brakes are sticking. Jack up the front end and try to spin the wheels. If they spin freely, jack up the back end (both wheels), put the transmission in neutral, and try to spin THOSE wheels. I think you’re going to find a locked up brake somewhere.