Start with the starter



When I try to start my 1979 Firebird, it is sluggish to start, yesterday it did after it sounded like the battery was draining. Today, it did the same thing. It is struggling to turn over and I heard a grinding noise possibly from the starter.

I have power, the battery gauge shows between 11 & 13 volts.


Battery age is a big factor along with colder temperatures. Check around for an auto parts store that will check it for free, Sounds like it is time for a new battery.


It’s probably the starter OR the battery. Is the oil too heavy for cold weather?


If memory serves, the battery is at most 2 years old (I’ll look through my book of receipts). The Firebird sat idle for almost 1 month while in the shop for transmission repairs, but when I picked it up, it started OK. I started it 2 days later. It struggled a little but started and I let it run for about 5 minutes, revved the engine a few times. When I turn the key to “ON”, the battery gauge shows 11-13 volts, and I have power. If I can get it started, I’ll drive it across the street to my mechanic ( the car is in a storage garage). Thanks


11-13 volts is the next question mark, If it is 11 before start then 13 after start bad battery.