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1999 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1L Car will not start! It turns over for about 2 seconds and then NOTHING. All electrical systems seem to work fine. Car won’t jump start. Battery charged & tested, starter tests good. Changed batt cables…help?

I would substitute another battery. The battry may have an internal short and isn’t producing the power (amperage) needed to crank the engine. If the battery has an internal defect, the car often can’t be jump started. Was the battery load tested?

Battery was load tested 3 times by two different machines. I will use a batt from another vehicle. My gut says its the battery even though it passed testing.

I’m open to any other thoughts and ideas…thank you!

If a substitute battery that is known to be good won’t crank the engine, then measure the current draw of the starter. I had a starter replaced on a Ford Taurus because it had a bad Bendix spring. When the car was hot, the replacement starter that I bought at Western Auto wouldn’t crank the engine or would crank it very slowly. I took it back to Western Auto and they claimed they couldn’t reproduce the no start condition. I then took it to an independent garage where I had never gone before. This garage load tested the starter and found it was drawing twice the current than the specifications allowed. The technician didn’t charge me a dime and wrote the current draw down on his letterhead. I went back to Western Auto and they replaced the starter for nothing. I had no more trouble. This was 13 years ago and the independent garage has had me as a loyal customer since that time.

My 03 Monte Carlo has similar hard to solve problem as viewed here in that there is a ghost drain on battery. I replaced 3 batteries in 3 years, replaced both battery cables, replaced starter, replaced BCM & did relearn, replaced all 3 ignition modules & did relearn, checked for chaffing on AC accumulator that service bulletin says, Pulled all fuses inside & under hood & checked, pulled all relays & reseated, removed ALL ground wires & bolts under hood & cleaned. STILL have ghost battery drain.

This post is 10 year old. I suppose the OP found the problem by now or sold the car.