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Start up problem

in the mornings, or at leaset 10 to 12 hours, starting my car is not happenng. it rumbles like it doesn want to go and is not responsive to the gas when i pump it. it stalls out three or 4 times then gets goin

then in the 1st few miles, it drives ok, but its rpms go up in spirts, then after 10 min or a fw miles its fine

i just changed my spark plugs, and wires thinking that would help and it didnt

You don’t “pump the gas” in new cars. It does nothing but put too much fuel in the engine. This causes rough starting. It sounds like a bad engine temp sensor. The fuel system is not going into cold start mode and riching the injector mix at startup. This is probably not the coolant sensor since that controls the cooling fan in the fords I know. The sensor is pretty cheap.