Start problem Honda city

I drive a 2006 Honda city zx, when I start my car it starts without any hesitation in the morning or when it cools down but when I drive for an hour or so it doesn’t start at all, this has been happening for a week now it only starts when I put it on 2nd gear and push the car to jump start… And on the engine bay I keep hearing a sound on the engine which is really getting me worried about it… what could be the problem and how can I fix this issue…

First, when car is cold, check your oil and coolant levels. Then if your check engine light is on, bring it to an auto parts store and have them scan for codes for free. Write down the code numbers. Then come back here and describe the sound coming from the engine. Is it squealing, ticking grinding, rubbing, etc. Let us know what the code numbers are.

Take a sound clip of the noise and post it here.

What are you waiting for… take it to a mechanic and have it checked out. If nothing serious you only spend around $120, but if serious it might save you a new engine,

No one here can tell you what is or even might be wrong without looking and touching the car.

The Honda City ZX is not sold in the United States ( which this forum members are mostly ) and I don’t know what is might be called here.

If you are on the web that makes me think you might not be able to fix this yourself . Also there are so many sounds that this could be you really should have a shop look at it before it really gets serious.

It looks like it’s a subcompact or a compact built on the Fit/Jazz frame

Left my lights on long time ago. Coworker pushed me with his truck. Since I had manual trans. He was annoyed as I think he scuffed his bumper. So, my alt is good. Battery is technically good but discharged. A 20 ft push and I was running.