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Took car for diagnostic @ closest auto part store; (less than a mile). Read P0130, and was told CYLINDER ONE was missing/misfiring. Purchased least expensive(can’t help it) plugs, wires and air filter. Was told there is no distributer cap on my 1996 Pontiac Bonneville. Hope to get these items put on over weekend, without too much expense(broke). Don’t think I can do it. My mechanic is p-o’d that I didn’t drive it to him last night. Waiting for him to return my call. I am so happy and grateful for this website and all of your informative comments so that hopefully I don’t get ripped off.


Just remember to take off the spark plug wires one at a time for replacement in order to avoid making an incorrect connection. That type of mistake would greatly multiply your current problems.

Good luck!


PO130 ,is NOT a missfire code,are you sure on the code?


maico’s right…P0130 - O2 sensor circuit malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

But doing the plugs/wires/air filter can only do good things…although I hope you got the OEM type spark plugs/wires, I’ve heard it’s best to stick with OEM on those items.


Hmmm…Interesting. One of my theories (mentioned in one of Starsky’s other myriad threads) was that the tree limb that lodged underneath his car might have damaged/disconnected the wire leading to an oxygen sensor.


Starsky . . . just do one thing at a time . . . one wire and one plug . . . check the gap. Air filter is easy, make certain that you button it all up the way it was when you took it apart . . . so you have no air leaks to the intake. Slow and easy . . . this stuff is simple. About the codes? Can’t help you . . . but the others here seem to think that you have it misread. Rocketman


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