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Starlings nesting under the hood

I have a 1994 F-350 crew cab pickup. I’ve recently moved from one part of Eastern Oregon to another, and with the move, came the starlings starting to make nests under the hood. At my previous residence, we had to worry about pack rats hiding under the hood. But here, I have to worry about the starlings laying their eggs in the engine. I was able to keep the pack rats out by leaving the hood up when I wasn’t using the vehicle, but this doesn’t seem to work with the starlings. Any suggestions?

I have been having the same problem. I have removed 4 nests so far and moved my truck to a different part of the driveway. Are there any solutions? thank you.

do they seem to find the same comfortable area each time ?
put something there in their place.
Something you can take out when you drive it.
hood closed or open, find a box, basket, stuffed animal ( scare crow ! ), chair, cinder block…
you get the idea.
Invade THEIR space.

I also wonder about some scent like a scented candle or similar.

Those trucks have those big slots in the grill, and they’re probably entering there. Try putting some 3/8" “metal fabric” (wire mesh) behind the grill and see if that stops them. You can spray paint it flat black if you prefer it not be seen.

Be very careful after you touch their stuff!
European Starlings carry a respiratory disease that humans can contract. Wash well or you may get sick.
Starlings are nasty birds that do not even belong here and they rob food from native species. If you can stomach it, it would not be wrong or unethical to kill any Starlings you catch for the reasons already stated (these two reasons are only the tip of the iceberg for these invading pests). There are some state conservation departments that have a no limit, no closed season on Starlings and English Sparrows.