Stalls shifting from Neutral to 1st

Hello! Just moved to Portland, OR from Detroit, MI about 3 weeks ago and now I’m having truck trouble. Would like to see if I can get any input before I head out on my own. (Thank you in advance). Here’s the deal: Noticed that my truck was idling not normal (a little low…a little high) and it was inconsistent, but got worse over the past few weeks. Now it likes to stall out going from neutral into first; more of like it’s choking. It appears that the fuel injector is not getting enough fuel in the engine, but the truck runs (near) perfectly when in any higher gear. (“near” perfectly is referring to I can oh-so-slightly feel the “choking” when traveling on the highway). If I turn the truck off and restart, it doesn’t stall getting into first (if it’s done immediately). A few of my friends say it’s not the fuel injector, that it’s something electrical…I’m helpless…any thoughts?

More info would help. Year, miles, 4 cyl or 6 cyl, TBI or CFI injection, auto or manual? Last time a tune up and fuel filter change was done?

Got it: 2002 4cyl manual. TBI injection. Tune up: last month. Fuel filter changed: 9/2008 (@97,000 miles) current mileage: 101,000. The truck was not driven cross-country. Fuel injector and pump were replaced 9/2005 @ 85,000 miles. I put a lot of mileage on this truck until I got a job extremely close to my house in early 2005 (in case the mileage since my pump being replaced in 2005 doesn’t seem right to you). It does not stall out in neutral, if I feel it “choking” when I try to accelerate then I can put it back into neutral to save it from stalling. (Chevy S-10)

I going to post to move your question to the front of the queue. Hopefully with the info you’ve provided a more experienced member can chime in.

Did the hesitation start after the tune-up (plugs replaced?) last month? Perhaps a vacuum line or electrical connector was disconnected by accident.

Consider adding a can of Seafoam or Chevron Techron to the fuel tank to clean the injector. Spray down the throttle body with a can of throttle body safe cleaner (not carb cleaner!). The IAC (Idle Air Control) valve may also need cleaning.

What condition is the battery in? When the battery in my 2000 S10 Blazer was discharged to ~25% (12.1 volts), it had some driveability problems. The idle was higher than normal and the torque converter lockup was not engaging. After the battery was recharged (12.6 volts), the Blazer ran fine. The battery in the S10 may not be fully charged due to the low number of miles the truck is driven.

Here is the link to the Autozone online repair guide for 2000-2004 S10 pickups. You may have to register on the site to gain access.

Good luck,

Ed B.

I tend to agree with Ed B. A disconnected vacuum line could definitely cause the problems that you describe.

Since reconnecting a vacuum line costs you nothing other than a bit of time to locate it, I suggest that you start there. If that proves to be wild goose chase, then you could start looking for the more elusive electrical possibilities.