Stalling vehicle

I have a 1990 cheve corsica with a 2.2 liter engine. It keeps stalling while driving and all the components the ignition is supposed to work go off also, radio,ac,dash lights, wipers. I still have headlights and horn and tail lights. It usually starts again without having to turn the ignition key, It is a very short stall, but on ocassion I have to pull over ans stop. Then when I try to restart none of the components work and there is no power to the ignition, the starter won’t crank. If I wait a while it will restart. I think this is an electrical problem but I don’t know where the power goes from or to to control all these components. Any one have any good ideas? LeRoy

The wiring diagrams which cover this are called the POWER DISTRIBUTION diagrams. One would start at the battery, with a multimeter, and shake/move the wiring while following the power supply wiring to the fuse panel, and on to the ignition switch. It could, also, be caused by poor grounds.

I’m assuming these are the original battery cables? If so, the first thing to suspect is the positive battery cable.

These are side mount battery terminals. And it’s under the red rubber protective cover for the positive battery connection where corrosion can form. This corrosion can cause a voltage drop to the power distribution where circuits can begin to drop out.

Remove the battery cables from the battery, and peel back the red rubber cover for the postive connection. If you find a white/green powder under this rubber cover, replace the cable.


where can one obtain a POWER DISTRIBUTION diagram? The charts in my Chilton manual doesn’t provide this, I can’t even find the ignition switch on the charts they provide.

This doesn’t seem to be the problem, the cables look good.