Stalling 2015 Infiniti Q50

My Infiniti q50 hybrid stalls before every take off. My dealership told me that"s just what hybrids do. it did not do it when i bought it. it started a month or so after. why no recall when they supposedly all do it ?

Your dealership lied to you. Find a better one.

If a service writer said that, i’d walk him right into the owners office and ask him to repeat his diagnosis.



The engines in hybrid vehicles switch on and off as needed, is this alarming?

blanket statement that all hybrids work the same? normal mode vs sport mode? gas motor acceleration at moderate throttle and/or battery boost in sport mode? normal mode vs econo mode? in my world stalling means loss of acceleration. in a non hybrid car you can blame the gas motor. not so much with a hybrid.
its a 2015. warranty may be expired. it may have 20k miles or 85k miles. or more. has vehicle ever been maintained?

Let me rephrase what you said:

The engine stops whenever the car stops, as it common for hybrid vehicles. The problem is that the engine does not restart when required after you pull away from the stop, and you have to press the start button to get moving again.

Is that the situation you describe? If not, the gasoline engine is supposed to stop when the car stops. All services, like radio, AC, and power steering, should still be active and ramming off the hybrid battery. The engine will restart when the hybrid system tells it to. That may be soon, or it may be a few miles depending on the state of charge for your hybrid battery.

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There are very few complaints on the 2015 Q50. Find an independant mechanic that can troubleshoot and fix this problem.The only problem related to a similar issue was with the 2014 Q50 Hybrid.

First, the OP needs to clearly state his problem. It may not be a problem at all, just the normal operation of the hybrid, as described by jtsanders above.

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If this 3 year old vehicle is still under warranty–which I strongly suspect that it is–then taking it to an independent mechanic will result in an unnecessary expense and could potentially void the warranty if that mechanic screws-up.