Stalling 2009 Infiniti G37

my car stalls out time to time while driving looses total power to accelerate pull over and turn off for 5 min and it works again idk I changed MAF sensor air filters HELPPPPPPPPP

.There are numerous complaints about this problem.but no definite fix. Some people say its caused by low oil level others say the ecu needs reprogramming etc. The CEL(check engine light) does not even light up when the car goes into limp mode. This is a very dangerous situation that only a qualified automotive technician can fix.

The problem might be that the crankshaft position sensor is being effected by heat and failing.

The crank sensor informs the computer whether or not the crankshaft is rotating. If the computer loses the signal from the crank sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems and the engine shuts off.

Then if you let the vehicle sit and cool off, the sensor works again.

One way to determine if it’s the crank sensor is, start the engine, and while the engine idling, take a hair drier/heat gun and apply heat to the sensor. If the engine shuts off, it’s the crank sensor.


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@Tester - I have no clue whether this suggestion will solve the problem the OP is having, but you win the prize for today’s most informed, surprise answer.

Battery & charging system problems can produce similar symptoms. Make sure the battery passes a load or conductance test, the connectors are clean and tight, and the battery is securely held down so that nothing in that area might be shorting out when the car goes over a bump.