Stall when switching to Reverse

The “winner” (?) in that category was a post from a woman in Maine, whose post was almost word-for-word as follows:
The Check Engine Light on my Suzuki has been on for 16 years.
What is wrong with my car?


Could have something to do with the transmission reverse switch. This switch is used to illuminate the reverse lights at the rear of the car when placing transmission in R. How this is done varies car to car. Ask your shop if such a thing is possible w/your car’s configuratin. If so, then check for wiring changes/problems that may be creating short circuits in that area when lever is moved to R.

That’s pretty funny about people ignoring the “check engine light”. As if to say, I’m here because something is wrong with my car, but I’ve been ignoring my car telling me that. So yes, I guess you have to ask that.

As I think I said, if I rev the engine slightly before shifting, it doesn’t seem to happen.

Not sure I understand how the reverse lights could have anything to do with it. It isn’t like the electrical system goes down when I switch to Reverse.