Stability Control Topic on the Daily Calendar

Dag, my friend, I’ve experienced the downside in true real life situations. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to drive on winter roads (as I know you have also) as well as gravel and washboard roads…all in real ife situations. As regards the comments on ABS in the links I’ve posted, I believe they support my position if considered with their context.

I stand by my belief. I have nothing against ABS, but it does have a downside. I myself prefer not to have it. It isn’t conceit to have a preference based on one’s own experiences.

I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

My dear Same…if we ever meet and go to lunch, do you mind if I drive ?

Thanks for the chuckle. I wouldn’t mind at all. Especially at $4.00/gal!

Oops …I’m out thought again. :slight_smile: