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SSEI- Super Super Expensive Ingrediants

I have replaced the blower motor for my heater 3 times. I’ve gotten the 1st two replacement parts from the local used auto parts yard. The 3rd I bought new. My mechanic said it was different than the previous ones. Does anyone know if they changed the parts because the original was a defective design? I also had to have the windshield wiper motor replaced. That was a first.

Parts are often superseded by new, improved designs and/or ones that cover more applications.

Unless the part is completely unavailable in the aftermarket or from the dealer, or is obscenely expensive, I would never buy used electrical parts.


Why buy something inexpensive like a blower motor from a salvage yard? You already had a used blower in your car and it didn’t work. The new part, if it’s the correct one for your car, may look different but it should bolt in and function properly.

If I remember correctly on your car, the blower motor would start to draw too much electrical current and overheat the blower resistor and melt the wiring connector. You may need to replace those items as well.


A new one is $98.00. That is not inexpensive to me. I’ve already had it replaced. My mechanic ordered the part so it IS the right one.

Any particular model-year Bonneville or just a generic?

Since I don’t know the year, I do know that a replacement blower motor was supplied for later model-year Bonnevilles and it was improved. The improvement was a quieter motor.

The blower in my Bonneville has not been problematic, works great, but I took advantage of some service campaign (back in the day) to have a quieter one installed.

Is your new one quieter in operation?

2003 Bonneville SSEI Supercharged

I haven’t really paid much attention to the noise. I had to kick the old one to get it going. At the end it was noisier lol.

I do what I can to keep it running. If I can afford new parts I get them. The windshield wiper motor new is around $350.00. I needed wipers so I got a used one for around $68.00. I always seem to pick cars that have issues. At least it’s paid for. When I can afford it I’ll get something else.

$98 in the realm of automobile parts is peanuts. An OEM wiper motor for your car is around $170 online. If the total job was $350 that’s pretty reasonable. If the part cost charged to you was $350, then that’s some excessive markup in my book.