Srs light reset? Honda Del Sol s 1994

I bought this car last year w the light on and would like to reset it…and the system? There must be a simple way to do this.

No. If it’s on, something is wrong with the system. It is not designed to simply be “reset”. If you expect the airbags to pop in a collision, they WILL NOT as long as that light is on. Check the fuse(s) first. Does the horn honk? If not, suspect the clock spring buried under the air bag in the steering wheel.

In 1994, most systems used a control module to fire the airbags. This module contains a non-replaceable fuse which blows when a system fault is detected, destroying the module. First, a dealership must determine what the fault is and the fault repaired. Then a replacement control module is installed to restore the system…

Try this.