Squirrels broke my recirculator

Squirrels put nuts under my hood somewhere and caused the motor to break on the thing that recirculates the air. She was a brand new 2012 CR-V and this is the first issue she’s had. The dealership said it would cost between $300-$500 (since of course, its not covered by the warranty) to get fixed. However, he also mentioned it doesn’t technically need to be fixed and it won’t cause further problems other than the annoying noise it makes for about 30 seconds once the recirculator is turned on. Does anyone have any insight into whether this is an accurate estimate and whether or not I should get it fixed? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

You might check to see if the cost is covered by your comprehensive insurance. It might be considered as “an act of God” (depending on the squirrel of course).