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Squealing Like a Pig! or an A/C compressor

hello everyone. the 98 camry squeals when started with the ac on. i think it is the ac belt. does that mean the compressor is bad or the belt isn’t tight enouhg. also the car idles roughly and at low rpms. 500 rpm namely.sometimes on rare occasions, the car will die when put into drive. i want to pass smog but i don’t know if it is going to! i cleaned the throttle body, no change to the idle, is my throttle maladjusted. any expertise would be appreciated. thank you.

oh yes, i forgot, the squeal usually goes away but it seems to idle poorly always

The squeal could be the belt, the tensioner, or the compressor. Someone will nee dto look at it.

The low idle is probably the idle air controller (IAC).

By the way, when’s the last time you gave this buggy a complete tuneup with belts, hoses, plugs, wires, rotor & dist cap, and filters?

thank you the same old mountainbike. to answer your question about tuneup. i changed the belts about ten thousand miles ago. even the old timing belt. that was fun. water pump pulleys everything. it could be that i didn’t tension the ac belt right. however a shade tree mechanic told me he thought the compressor was going out just by the noise it made. i checked the spark plugs the gap and condition of the terminals was fine. the wires are visibly okay. teh air filter is paper, i should probably get k&n. thank you for your question.

changed fuel filter, and tranny fluid too within last ten thousand

yeah i thought low idle might mean IAC, i just wanted to pretend it wasn’t do you think it wouldn’t pass smog with low idle? by pretend i mean i want to pretned i don’t have to pay $125. ha

Skip the K&N. They do nothing for you, and the oil in the filter can mess up the Mass Airflow Sensor. A good, clean paper filter is the best there is.

There are a few thing syou can do to isolet the noise to the AC compressor. A mechanic;s stethescope, or ften just a metal rod, when touched to the weak component will allow the vibrations to travel y the shaft and you’ll feell 'em. You could also loosen the belt and try wobbling the compressos pulley side to side.

thank you the same old mountain bike (the somb). the somb it just looks like i am going to have to “bite the bullet” as the Magliozzi’s say and buy the IAC. what goes bad in those things anyway, a resistor?

A valve, operated by a solenoid. Yours will look like the attached.

But before you spend the cash, try removing yours and cleaning it out good. And have the solenoid tested.
Here’s a good article I found on IACs that might help.

thanks the same old mountainbike for your help! i will do the checkup and cleaning before i buy one. i appreciate your help.