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Squeaky brakes

My cousin has a Focus with 39000 miles on it and recently had new front brake pads installed. During the warm time of the day everything is fine but when the colder evening appears the brakes develop a squeak. Is there a correlation between cold and hot weather causing such a condition?

So it would seem. Do the brakes squeak when applied, or when traveling down the road, and does it happen going forward, backward, or both?

Thanks for your inquiry. The squeak occurs as the brakes are being applied. It happened again early this morning. After the day warmed up, the squeaking stopped. Could it be excessive brake dust from the new pads or something else? It happens in both directions…

Some aftermarket pads will cause this.

No, it’s not the dust, but if there is excessive dust from the new pads that’s not good. I’d say it probably has more to do with the brand or type of pads installed. Did they, perhaps, install ceramic pads? Some lesser-quality ceramic pads are notorious for making noise, even they are advertised as being quieter than regular pads.

Some aftermarket brake pads are not as well made as the OEM pads and can be noisier, and/or dirtier, as well.

I’d also wonder if the technicians applied anti-squeal compound to the back of the pads before installation, and used the correct shims. Some pads have special brackets or springs to keep them from vibrating, which is what makes the squeak you hear.

Disc brakes have squeaked from the time they have first been put to use on autmobiles, you can try different pad composition,different rotor types and composition and rotor finish,different lube points and products,differeny break-in procedures nothing seems to work 100%, 100% of the time.

If the only thing that makes your brakes squeak is the weather, your lucky.