Squeaky Brakes After Strut and Spring Replacement

A couple of weeks ago, I replaced the front struts, strut mounts and springs on my wife’s 1995 Mazda Protege. I think all went well, because the ride is greatly improved. HOWEVER, almost immediately upon installation, the brakes began making an awful screeching sound. Often happens when turning a corner, almost sounds like the caliper pistons aren’t retracting properly – which is probably what is making the noise.

The brakes were done fairly recently, but not recently enough to make a claim against the garage that did the work (I don’t wrench in Maine winters). I haven’t actually pulled the wheels off yet to inspect. But, assuming that I do indeed have a stuck caliper, I’m guessing the ‘best’ course of action would be to clean and rebuild both calipers. I may just resort to the time-honored method of whacking the calipers with a rubber mallet too. But here’s the question, why would such a problem rear it’s ugly head suddenly coinciding with the front suspension repair?

Puzzled in Portland, ME