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Squeaking wheel?

My 8-year-old (2003), 134k mile Nissan Maxima has a new quirk. When the car is started from completely cold (as in over night), there is a distinctive intermittent squeaking noise (think water being rubbed against glass) coming from the left front somewhere near the tire. The car only does this for about 5 minutes or so until it’s warmed up and it has to be going 20 miles an hour before it starts. Once the car is up and running you can turn it on and off all day, let it sit for a few hours even, and it’s fine. What’s going on?

A Little More Information Might Be Helpful.
Is That “Left Front” As In “Driver’s Side,” Front ?

Can you make the noise stop by lightly touching and depressing the brake pedal ?


Yes, it’s coming from the driver’s side. The noise seems to be connected to accelerating. There is no noise when breaking, but there is also no noise below 20 mph or when your foot is off the accelerator.

I’m Not Sure How Recently You Have Replaced The Front Brake Pads. A “Chirping” Sound, Except While Braking, Can Possibly Be Coming From Brake Pad Wear Indicators.

Little metal wear indicator tabs are built into many brake pads and as the pads wear to a level where replacement is recommended the tabs contact the brake rotors to alert you. Pressing the brake pedal ordinarily interrupts the sound.

Your brakes are not more dangerous when the indicators begin chirping, but should be inspected soon before they do.

This is not positively what you’re hearing. I’m offering you a guess based on description. Noises are often difficult to diagnose and just about impossible without hearing them.

If you’ve got a trusted mechanic, I’d have them check it out. Don’t mention brakes, rather let them hear the sound and see if they reach the same conclusion.


Thanks for the potential explanation. The brakes haven’t been done in about 4 years so it’s definitely a possibility.