Squeaking Honda Civic Rear Suspension

My Civic is 10 years old and running strong but the rear suspension has developed an annoying squeak … every time it goes over a bump or shifting weight while turning.

I took a look at AllDataDIY.com and found a TSB indicating the Trailing Arm bushings needed replacing. The job required a press which I don’t have so I took it in and had it done but still I squeak.

I decided to spray some silicone lube on all the bushings and the squeak went away, for a week…

So I’ve decided to replace the Upper and Lower Control Arms and the Compensator Arm on both sides of the rear suspension. I found it’s cheaper to buy the arms with the bushings already fit than to buy the bushings themselves and press them in, so all new arms all around!

Looking at the information on R&R at AllDataDIY.com makes the job seems easy, jack up the car, remove 8 bolts, swap the arms, tighten back to the proper tension with my torque wrench and off to the local tire shop for a 4 wheel alignment.

Are there any gotchas or tricks anyone’s learned about this job that would prevent my Saturday project from turning into three Saturdays of busted knuckles and frustration?