Sputtering while driving and in idle

Hello, I’m having troubles with my car and can’t quite figure out what’s happening. My brother in law wants to start buying and repairing random parts but I need this car running now as it’s my only transportation for myself and my son. It’s sputtering really bad as soon as it is started, and continues as I’m driving. Both o2 sensors were just recently done. Oil change was done just a few days ago. But now it is leaking somewhere and the car is still showing a check engine light as well. I drive a 97 Pontiac grand am 4 door 2.4

First thing to do is have the codes read.
Post the code numbers here, we might be able to provide advice.

What kind of leak? Oil, coolant, or transmission fluid? Is it overheating?

A proper diagnosis is needed rather than just throwing random parts at it.


It’s leaking oil. And right now due to covid nobody will do it for us for the code reading. And when my fiancé and his brother tried it wouldn’t connect to the car properly to receive the codes. It isn’t showing signs of overheating.