Sputtering when accelerating

Here’s my problem…when I accelerate from a stop it will sputter like its running out of gas then all of a sudden it will catch then will drive somwhat normal with sudden sputters here and there. Seems to do it more when I’m low rpms like right after I shift or accelerating from a dead stop. The truck has been sitting for 2 years.

Wow, a Nissan 300 ZX truck, hold on to that collectible. LOL. But seriously could it be clutch chatter from sitting so long.

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If it’s been sitting for two years, start with the basics. Gasoline stored for two years might be the issue. I’d get some fresh gas in there.

Check to see if a varmint gnawed on any wires under the hood, plug wires included. I think a general tune up would be a good idea (plugs, cap, rotor). What you describe sounds like a low rpm misfire to me.

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Clutch chatter?

Scrapyard John - start with what he said.

Beyond those items, it could also be an erratic Throttle Position Sensor. It’s a variable resistor and is easy to check with a standard dial-type ohmmeter. The resistance should change smoothly as the throttle and TPS move through their range of motion.

I think you’ve got some contaminated gas of some sort. Debris flaking off from the tank’s insides perhaps might be partially clogging the fuel pump or fuel filter. Ask your shop to drain a sample of gasoline from the tank, a gallon or so. Into a clear container. If there’s stuff floating or laying about at the bottom you’ve got a good clue what’s wrong.

How about telling us what this mystery vehicle is . . .

It can’t be both a Nissan 300ZX and a truck

One or the other, please :smiley_cat:

Yes, clutch chatter. Since you say it happens when starting from a stop or when you shift gears, it seems reasonable. Especially since your Nissan 300ZX (truck) has been sitting for a couple years. Just google clutch chatter.

Sputtering on acceleration can be a lean mixture or it can be a weak spark. I would start by checking/cleaning the electrical connections in the ignition, and follow that up with a new fuel filter.