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Sprinter van electronic oil guage

On my Mercedes engine equipped van, it has the electronic oil level guage that sounds a warning and tells you how much oil to add. Well, it has apparently gone haywire because the oil level as per the dipstick is ok. Even the service manual indicates that if this problem occurs, you should go by the dipstick, that is mindboggling. My dealer says this problem is caused by overfilling, again this is shocking, because it was his guys that changed the oil. Meanwhile, I have a guage all lit up nice and bright on my control panel, and it probably means nothing. The dealers input aside, has anyone else got this problem on their Sprinters? and what did it require to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

They could at least try to fix it by changing the sensor on the oil pan. Overfilling should not be the cause of the problem.

appreciate it, have you had to have this done? if so, how much did the sensor cost?

That electronic sensor thing is a total PITA… so you get no idea of oil, unless you shut engine off, and sit for half an hour for the thing to take a reading?

What was wrong with a guage and idiot light we all know and love?

I keep getting failures on the tire pressure sensors.

I like convenience and technology, but not when manufacturer will not answer questions.

When I got nowhere with dealer with 3 technical inquiries, I called the Carolinas, where they complete assembly of the Sprinter… how was I greeted?

In a nice thick German accent, that gave me temporary hope of someone that understood the vehicle and could help…

“How did you get this phone number”