Spontaneous lights

All -

I’ve got a 2003 Chevy Impala. I live near Orlando and as you know we’ve gotten a ton of rain the past few days.

As if that weren’t enough, today we got the oil changed and then used the free car wash.

On the way home, the locks started to spontaneously unlock themselves. This in turn makes the lights go on. Concerned that the battery might take a hit, I pulled the fuse for the car locks.

Despite that, the interior, headlights and rear lights continue to go on and off with no intervention. I can hear a relay in the driver side fuse box but that might not mean anything. I finally pulled the terminal from the battery to get it to quit.

Obviously there’s a short somewhere - is there anything I can do to troubleshoot or should I just take it to a pro?



Just to clarify - the locks and lights turn on and off when the car is not on…