Ornery Olds (96 acieva)

I had to pull the interior lights fuse, for some reason the int lights come on when im

driving day/night. they have even come on while sitting in my driveway ( killing my

battery). Also at the same time the automatic door locks start oscillating. What is it!! i

even went to an olds dealer and they could’nt help me!!

so i posted on a OLDS expert website!!

this is the reply i got…

Because Nate,

I’m sorry but your question is outside my area of expertise. Your best bet is to take the

car to an ASE Certified Master mechanic for a diagnosis of the problem.

Best of Luck


Do you have a remote control which locks and unlocks doors, and turns lights on or off? Or, might these things be part of the security system? If it’s security, an automotive security and alarm specialist may be able to help. Another avenue is to seek out an automotive electrical repair shop, or specialist. +++++ Logging in: me_art12.

My vote is for a defective door switch. If so this one could come on when parked and leave you with a dead battery.

Joseph, it has come on when the car was sitting in the driveway, and it killed the battery too. where is this door switch?

no, the car did not come with a remote option installed. so i have never had a remote control for the car. There is also NO security system installed in the car either. Read my post again,please, i have been to several dealers and because of the time involved diagnosning electrical problems, they either wanted way too much $$ or told me they could fit me in for an appointment…oh…say 2014?

If there is no security system, or remote control system, to complicate the problem, then, this is a fairly simple (yes, I said simple) electrical problem. Try an independent auto repair shop, or, a neighborhood electrician. (I DIDN’T miss the part about the dealer’s response. I read every post quite carefully.) ++++me_art12

a simple problem? great!! since i have a degree in electronics, what could it be? failing this…i guess ill go to a shop.
Thanks again!

Wiring diagrams are available from www.alldata.com. A one year subscription to their service (automobile information and wiring diagrams) is $24.95 per year. A digital multimeter, the wiring diagrams, Chilton’s or Haynes manual on automotive electrical systems and troubleshooting, and the willingness to try, and you’re on your way to fixing the problem.

Did you ever solve your problem? We have a 2000 expedition with the same problem. Living 60 miles from a dealer, we’ve been putting up with it. We were told to buy a new battery (which we did) but that didn’t help.

Another vote for a defective door switch.

Stay away from dealers. Find a reputable independent tech/shop for repairs. Most have highly skilled techs and the latest testing equipment.

Dealers are only for warranty work (providing the small print says it will pay for the repair) and recalls.

You haven’t been getting any satisfaction there have you.

If you are at all mechanically inclined, know how to use a multimeter or a continuity light tester and have access to a wiring schematic of your vehicle, you can find and fix the fault yourself and save a bundle of cash at the same time.

As me_art12 said, buy a Haynes repair manual ($20). At least have a look at one at any automotive store. (They are printed for specific years/makes and models)

In the meantime, find all the courtesy light switches on the vehicle. (Most doors have plunger type switches that push the plunger in to shut off the lights when fully closed)

Don’t forget the glove box light.

Check all the electrical connections you can find, start with the battery cables (Both ends) remove and clean and replace wrench tight.

Note: use all necessary safety precautions.

Check the ground connections from the engine to the chassis as well.

Trouble shoot, don’t just throw parts at it and pray you threw the right one.

bostorey, When a response is posted to the origial post, and that poster doesn’t look at his/her post within a certain amount of time, an email is automatically generated and sent to the original poster. If the original poster, nt6143 responds, I’d be surprised. /// To your problem: read the responses to nt6142, again; and, you could start a new post of your very own. You don’t need a dealer. There are qualified shops/mechanics much closer. To find some nearer you, and read the comments of satisfied customers, go to the bottom of this page and click on Actual Car Info. On the new page scroll to Mechanics Files. Input the miles (radius) you’re willing to traval. Up will pop a list of shops and customers comments.

Thanks. I’m new to this forum. We have a good mechanic not too far away, but he admitted to not running into this problem before, so I was hoping to give him some ideas. It sounds like a defective door switch may be the problem, or at least a place to start.