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Spilled battery acid

Acid from a rider mower battery spilled in the trunk of my car. The trunk is wet and the entire interior of the car smells of the acid. How can I clean this up? Will the spill eventually damage the trunk?

Yes it can damage the trunk. Go sprinkle baking soda (liberally) all over the area and allow it to sit for a day or so. The baking soda will neutralize the battery acid.

It would be a good idea to raise the carpet or matting up and sprinkle some underneath also. Hopefully this can head off any major damage.

Baking soda. Dump on what you have in the house and then buy a big box if you need it. You can tell when it is neutralized when it stops bubbling. How much acid spilled?

Afterwards, just clean it out with water.

First step I would try is wash the area with a pasty water and baking soda mix. This should neutralize the acid. Wear some latex or similar gloves, eye protection and provide good ventilation.

Good luck!

3 responses almost simultaneously, Baking Soda!!

Agreed. Baking soda. Liberally applied.

What I haven’t seen addressed is that you need to do this NOW. That is sulfuric acid you spilled in your trunk, and there won’t be much left if you wait until the weekend. It is dissolving your trunk while you’re reading this.

Thank you for the immediate response. I’m all over it…how long does the acid take to create damage?

Thank you for the response I never thought of wearing protective gear.

I had 4 small boxes on hand…this seemed to do the trick. Thank you.

Thank you for stressing NOW…I didn’t realize it was so imperative.

The carpet should be rinsed and washed with soap if it isn’t too late already.