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Speedometer need help!

Speedometer not functioning sensor was replaced and the cluster is fine im almost certain its the wiring, just need to know the color coding of the wires been trying to find a wiring chart for the speedometer with no luck. Its a isuzu rodeo 2002.

Out of the VSS, black is ground, black/yellow is signal, and yellow is for the MIL.

The black/yellow signal wire first goes to the ECU, and then to the instrument cluster.

What makes you so sure the problem isn’t with the instrument cluster?


Because the cruise control quit the same time

sounds like a speed sensor has failed

Negative if you would have read i already replaced the sensor.

Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me

By the way, I DID read your entire post

Sorry . . . we can’t all be the perfect readers you’d like us to be

Actually, you know what . . . I take that back. I have nothing to be sorry about

I made a simple mistake

Deal with it

You might want to think about the way you talk to people

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I don’t know about anyone else?

But when someone comes here for a vehicle problem, I read every detail that they convey about the problem.

It’s sorta like them coming into my shop and telling me about the problem that they’re having

You have to pick up on every detail that they provide.


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