Speedometer Calibrating?

I drive a 2006 Camry LE and the speedometer is off 5 MPH. Personally getting it fixed would be delightful but the dealer said it is computer controlled and to fix it I could try a new instrument cluster. Are there any solutions that would work and can it be calibrated.

Mr. Obvious, Have You Had A Problem With The Temperature Gauge Being Inaccurate, too?

Toyota has bulletins that outline diagnosing temperature gauges that read too high on 06 Camrys. The fix is often to replace the “combination meter” that also contains the odometer memory. Makes me wonder if the temperature being tied in with the odometer . . . and the speedometer is off . . .


Well my temperature hasn’t been giving me problems. It’s just it’s off 5 MPH which falls into the “normal” category of deviation. When I am doing 55 it reads 60 and you can imagine the aggravation. I know this because of my GPS unit on my phone.

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I read that but I am sure I’m off that much. My question is how to calibrate it.