Speed Limit on the Autobahn? Over My Dead Body, Many Germans Say'

I have been reading articles on that subject for over 30 years. And for 30 years there have been unrestricted sections of the Autobahn.

Fastest I have ever driven is on the Autobahn. 240 kph.

Puff piece. Lower speed limit for 10% of cars that do 140mph. 90% are joe public driving 80mph

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What else would you expect from the NY Times about cars?

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Parts of a car design like the tires and suspension system that work perfectly at 80-90 mph might well fail miserably at 140 mph, even just due to a change in the wind direction. You’d think there would be a lot of pretty spectacular crashes at those speeds.

One would think there’d be a lot o fhigh-speed crashes, but I’m almost certain the data shows there aren’t. I’ve lived in Italy, where the autostrada had no speed limits, and in Germany, where the autobahn is the same. Drivers there know to keep out of the “speed” lane unless they’re in a vehicle that can safely go those speeds. If they have to get into that lane to pass, they IMMEDIATELY get back into their lane. I had a Jaguar that could go 115 mph, and in the fast lane, I’d see in the rear view mirror headlights blink–the signal for “Get out of my way,” and I would, quickly, to see a car pass me going perhaps 150mph. The most famous high speed autostrada crash was actor WIlliam Holder, going about 150m smashing into a slower car, killing the occupants. Not sure, but I think he was exonerated, because the other car shouldn’t have been going “too slow” in that lane.

Another nail in the coffin for “speed kills”. Speed alone as a cause of accidents is highly over-rated. As Mike would say though “live free or die”. In my view though, part of the whole game is to try and gain control over others and it’s just a means that can be used, like safety. You can make an argument against anything citing safety as the goal. Beware they come in sheep’s clothing.

I’m not sure but I think the original purpose of the autobahn was to be able to move troops and equipment around quickly. At least in the US, the vision Eisenhower had was a quick evacuation route in case of attack. Oh and yeah I remember when there weren’t any around here. Can you imagine trying to get out of town now during an attack? Better to “shelter in place” with a tarp.

I read he was convicted of drunk driving, given an 8-month sentence, suspended.

Eisenhower commanded a convoy across the country after WW1, learned the terrible state of our roads. Somebody wrote a book about this a few years ago. ‘National defense’ was more of a sales gimmick - remember when student loans were ‘National Defense Student Loans’ (NDSL)?. And he didn’t want them built in cities. The military has the right to commandeer them in case of military necessity, but what civilian is going to object to the Army using a state highway (etc.) when there’s a military necessity?

While in Italy in 1966, Holden killed another driver in a drunk-driving incident. He received an eight-month suspended sentence for vehicular manslaughter. (Wikipedia)