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Opening it up on the Autobahn

A Ferrari owner took advantage of the now-deserted Autobahn, and took his La Ferrari up to 230 mph.

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Look’s phoney to me as you can read the sign’s and the telephone pole’s and tree’s are what you would expect see at around 60 or 70 mile’s per hour the same thing for the bus and truck he passed.


Hoooo weeeee my man is haulin the MAIL… That’s scary fast… any little glitch and you’re toast.

Anything approaching 200 mph must be scary in a vehicle on a public road…it’s absolutely terrifying on a motorcycle.

Don’t ask me how I know but my screen name is a small hint.

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That is some social DIStancing right there…


I tried to like @Mustangman 's comment twice, but I couldn’t. Well said, Man of Mustang, well said.

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I saw 389KM on the dash, I have been on a French Train going 329Km and the train was going more than twice as fast as that car. Also the car would be noticeably vibrating at that speed. I have never been over 140 mph in a car but the scenery went by much faster than that video.


I have never been over 140 mph in a car but the scenery went by much faster than that video.

That was also my impression the senenery looked like 60 to 75 mph.

It looked real to me… If I am not mistaken the Autobahn is set up to not startle drivers at high speeds.

Aren’t their lines further apart and longer? I know the curves are far straighter than normal…and the roadbed is like 2-2.5 x deeper etc… all in the name of speed. The scenery on the sides is also part of the “dont startle high speed drivers” territory as well.

Or I’m just an Autobahn dreaming fan boy… its one or the other. Someday…someday. I did get to steam down the Autostrata in Italy tho… whoo hooo…

I’m surprised he did it during daylight. When I’ve seen speed runs filmed on the Autobahn before, they occurred around 4am. I do see the car vibrating, especially the steering wheel. Even if it’s the camera, something has to make it vibrate. The driver can’t move his head that fast.