Speed and gas mileage

My mistake. I had no idea Columbus Day was a three day holiday there. We left Boston probably about 5:00 on Friday night before Columbus Day heading west. I don’t think we got over 30 mph for at least 100 miles. It was absolutely bumper to bumper. Sometime after dark, I stopped for coffee and asked what is going on with the traffic and she said it’s a holiday and everyone is leaving town. Seriously it was well after 11:00 before things thinned out and could find a place to stay. Around here, Columbus Day is just a day you don’t get mail and the banks are closed. I had no idea. But yeah you wouldn’t want to be the one holding that traffic up even for an instant.

I can end all this hullabaloo right now. You’ll never burn another ounce of fuel (gas or diesel), you will not waste one single kilowatt, and you’ll not add an ounce to the carbon foot print if you will all just follow my instructions…

Buy an EV, any make or model will do, and move to California.

Rolling Blackouts in California Have Power Experts Stumped

As for me, I’s staying in Virginia with gas averaging $4.45… And those who have an EV can still charge the battery…

A portion of the electricity in California is generated from fossil fuels. Rolling blackouts only mean you need to recharge on a different day of the week. If gas stations are closed on Thursdays, does that mean I can’t drive to work during the week?

I’m sorry, I left out the finale… LoL… It was a joke…

It was meant as humor but there are many who fear if their phone or flashlight are not plugged in 24/7 they won’t be prepared for a day without power. The same fear is with automobiles.

Me, I use the bathroom prior to any drive. Doesn’t take much for a 15 minute drive to turn into a two hour ordeal.

Many years ago, a supposedly-small snowstorm turned into a blizzard on my way home from work, and my normal 25-30 minute commute turned into a 2.5 hour nightmare of impassable roads and almost endless detours. After that experience, I learned that I should go to the john before leaving work.

I, my wife, and another couple travelling north on I75 were stopped on the highway for 8.5 hours because the sheriff of a Kentucky county closed the highway on a Saturday night because of snow. Not at an exit…at the county border…with no warning. Fortunately we had a full tank of gas so we could keep warm.

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Eh, what’s oil?

But, they are worth it to us, The Sum of Us.

I think my record was four hours getting home. So yeah before leaving work and before getting on an elevator.

Rachel Ray says EVOO, extra virgin olive oil. Must be used in Italian cars.

I hope it is not required for me to say that is, admittedly, a poor joke.


I just keep a pee bottle in the car.:blush:

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Should be standard equipment, funnel to a hose that exits under the car!


Great idea. Planes and trains do it so why not cars? We could ask the Russians how they do the removable floor panel for ice fishing.

It exits the car when I pour it out the window at a traffic light

I have two things to add to these thoughts. I’m a child of the 50’s and my family loved its Sunday Drives. My father had a “4-hour” bladder but we kids, especially my sisters had bladders that suffered from 15-minutes to 2-hours… After a while my mother started giving my father a vitamin B tablet before the drives “to prevent headaches” and miraculously, we stopped for bathroom breaks more often without all the “when are we going to stop…” whining.

Years later, I found out from my wife that my mother had given her some advice since I picked up the “Sunday Drive” gene from my father. My mother’s advice to my wife was to also give me a vitamin B capsule before the drive, but my wife shared the secret that the vitamin B capsule was really a “water pill.”

The other thought is brought to you from my more than 30-years in the military, never pass up a “pit stop” and never pass on a nap; especially when you “hurried up just to wait…”

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Only had to pee in a bottle once. Had an accident in my ranchero, radiator shredded by the fan blade south of Carmel headed north from big sur. Girlfriend and I in the car/wanna be a truck and no way to tell the tow truck driver time for a pit stop!

You couldn’t pee in the radiator? :crazy_face: