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Spartanburg, SC Mechanic Recommendation Needed

Can anyone recommend a reliable mechanic I can send my daughter to in Spartanburg, SC? Thanks

Maybe one of NASCAR mechanics is sitting idle in your area?

But then, if the daughter drives a Fiat, I doubt that would be of much help.

Why are people so reluctant to divulge the vehicle that they talk about on the internet?

And at the same time, looking for help?


Sorry, I thought I had selected that in the dropdown menu. I guess it was an earlier post. The vehicle is a 2005 Dodge Stratus sedan w/ 2.7 (I think - I know it’s a 4-cyl). Thanks

click on the mechanic file in the banner at the top of the page.
It is best not to start multiple threads about the same problem or vehicle all that does is confuse people.

Volvo V70> Thanks for the tip. That’s very helpful.

The four cylinder is a 2.4L.

Hi there, Penpoint. Try looking at Mechanics Files:
You may be able to find help there. Best of luck to you and your daughgter!

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Hey Victoria. Thanks for that. Volvo V70 had also suggested that. I had a look at it and I think I found someone I’m comfortable sending her to. Thanks again for the input.