Spark plug problem

I can’t remove my spark plugs from my van,there is a metal heat shield covering each plug and it will not let me get a socket on the plug? How do I remove my plugs?

Have you tried removing the heat shield temporarily?

Yes and they are hard pressed into the heads, I’ve even tried to cut them out with no success! I’ve been to the dealer and they were no help.It is just a very tight fit and the socket will not go down over the spark plugs.

We used to run into problems like this when an inferior tool was used. If you are using an unknown brand, try a known one like Craftsman or Snap-on.

Pay me enough an I will take on any mechanical job, have your resorted to offering to pay to have the job done? (I may decline some of those “Mike Rowe” Dirtiest Job’s though)

One of my uncles told me about a Chevy where the engine had to be moved to provide access to some of the spark plugs. True or not, I don’t know.

Three questions: can you post a picture?

How did they get the spark plugs in?

Are you overlooking something obvious?

Are you using the correct size socket?? Today, many plugs are 5/8" …

If it won’t fit, make it fit…
If you cant make it fit, force it…
If you can’t force it, F*** it…

Wait a minute. The dealer can’t change the spark plugs? There’s a piece missing from this story.

Another version-

If it doesn’t fit, force it.
If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway…


Both my 95 Dodge Dakota and 93 Caprice have a heat shield in the plug well. I used Craftsman spark plug sockets to remove the plugs.

Ed B.