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Spark plug malfunction after front-end collision

Can minor front end collision cause a spark plug malfunction?

“Spark plug malfunction” doesn’t give us quite enough information.
What specific problem took place in regard to the spark plugs?

I’d also like more information about the accident, perhaps a photo.

We recently had a thread here wherein a poster wondered if a front end accident could cause a sparkplug to break out. Turns out, it was a transversely mounted four with COPs and the hood was crushed right over the engine. The hood could have slammed the top of the coils and damaged a plug. It’s a steel rod from the top of the coil to the top of the sparkplug.

That would be unusual, other than perhaps a wire fell off b/c of the jolt. It’s certainly possible a minor collision could make the engine run poorly though, and that might seem at first to act like a spark plug problem, but normally wouldn’t turn out to be that.