Spare tire removal, 2002 Chrysler Voyager



I have a 2002 Chrysler Voyager with a toy spare tire mounted under the rear floorboard. After 107k miles, the tire has never been removed until my attempt this morning after a flat tire. As I unscrew the assembly to lower the tire, only the steel cable lowers to the ground. The tire becomes loose but does not lower to the ground. It appears the retainer is not sliding down along the cable. Any suggestions on how to get the tire from it’s storage place and use it if I ever have to again. ? ? ?


The Captain.


Someone is going to have to get under the van to inspect and remediate the parts that hold and lower the wheel. This should probably be done annually in climates where metal halides are used to deice roads.


Have you tried jiggling it with a prybar?


I have a pickup where the spare is located under the vehicle. And unless you make it a routine to lube the spare tire lowering components it won’t work when the spare is needed.

So get a penetrating lubricant and soak the mechanism for the spare. And keep the can in the vehicle. Then each time the oil is changed reapply the penetrating lubricant. And if you don’t change your own oil, ask the person who does to grab the penetrating lubricant and spray the mechanism while it’s on the lift for the oil change.



If your cable is lowering,the operator mechanism is working as it should. My 2002 did the same thing. I had to unbolt the assembly to get it down. I discovered there was a rubber sleeve on the cable with a mushroom head that had wedged itself into the metal piece above it. I don’t know what the proper fix is but I used a grinder to remove the flare of the mushroom and it no longer sticks.


Thanks for your quick response. I can wiggle the tire and in fact, I can spin and wobble it but cannot get it to lower. My guess is that the little mushroom / ball is wedged into an upper receiver. I will try to use a big, long, steel pry bar to persuade the tire assembly to release from the upper receiver. Look for an update on my progress.
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Captain Lou.