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Spare tire dia

Fwd situation.
Front flat. Spare is 5% smaller than stock tire.
Should u rotate rear wheel to front and put spare on rear?
My spare is real tire, not temporary.
Will I get abs light due to odd tire sizes?
I don’t have traction control or stability.

You have a flat and a spare. Why waste time just put it on then you will have your answer.

Depends on the year of your Saturn. Early ABS systems were more forgiving than newer ones. But certainly won’t cause any ABS problems even if it does throw a code.

Putting a one 60 series and one 65 series on the front may cause a steering pull and may cause some premature transaxle wear over years of driving, but certainly no issues short term. It’s just a spare, right? You’ll be repairing/replacing road tire soon I assume.

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Is this a factory spare tire? If so, what does the owner’s manual say about this?

Not a factory spare. Xtra wheel I have. Brand new tire. Zero miles. Was going to sell but seems to have no value online. I got it since I really wanted fwd rim for my car but tire was wrong size. But I hate to pass up deals. I don’t even know if my car has spare. Never looked.

Not even sure what to think about that.

Ok I looked. Have owned car for 1 mo. A spare was not high on buying points. It is a 155/90/16. Which is 27". Stock tire is 28". So my xtra wheel is a touch smaller than spare.

155/90R16? Wow! That’s one skinny and tall tire! I’d like to see a picture of that one.

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I suppose. I bought a new Olds in 74 and some months later ran over something on the freeway and had to change tires on the road. Had the spare, had the jack, but no bottom for the jack. I still carefully used the jack and stopped by the dealer to get the foot which they sheepishly provided. I always check now to make sure everything is there. Never know.

At any rate, economy not withstanding, I think at the very least it should go on the rear if it is a FWD car, but then you won’t be able to rotate the tires again due to the mis-match. I always like to have matched tires, especially on the same axle.