Soy Wiring in Cars - Alternatives?

Hello All!

Spouse is in the market to replace a 2004 Subaru Outback, which in the past has been targeted by destructive rodents. In effort not to bring home a “meal on wheels” for rodents, we are in the early stages of determining whether to buy now — limiting our search to specific makes/models vs. holding out for a future model year in the hope manufacturers make changes.

I read that soy-infused wiring has resulted in numerous customer complaints and related lawsuits caused by costly rodent damage to auto wiring harnesses. What isn’t quite as easy to determine, however, is what kind of wiring to expect on a particular make/model/year. And that makes car shopping somewhat tricky.

One article I read claimed virtually all makes/models after 2000 make use of this eco-friendly type of wiring. If true, perhaps the better question is whether or not there are any manufacturers that have elected to change the wiring or have plans to change it in an upcoming model year?

Apparently, many auto manufacturers have been sued yet continue to maintain this soy-infused wiring isn’t any more appetizing to rodents than the conventional type. If this accurately represents the consensus among manufacturers, it implies no changes are forthcoming. If I am wrong, however, I would be happy to learn about any current or upcoming alternatives.


Apparently the answer is… ALL carmakers use this wiring so you need to take steps to drive away the rodents.

Why not just leave an extra plate of yummy (poisoned) rodent food next to year car? I wouldn’t wait for car manufacturers to require new types of wiring.

We trapped the offending rodent in a Squirrelinator shortly after it chewed through the AC clutch wire — but can’t eliminate all of them as we live in a rural area (forest nearby). I have read horror stories of people who keep replacing their damaged wiring only to be targeted again, hence the lawsuits. Perhaps some engines are more appetizing than others because my car has yet to be targeted (knock on wood).

One approach was to use pepper-based spray or apply some kind of pepper-flavored tape around the wires. However, if these cars have been drawing such complaints since the early 2000s it occurs to me that manufacturers could simply make the wiring taste like hot pepper (or something else rodents dislike) and the deterrent could be “baked in” so to speak. The only problem — I haven’t been following this issue, nor in the new car market for years, and have no idea if there are plans on the horizon to do so (or change the wiring type entirely). Does anybody know?

The Squirrelinator (humane trap) is also effective but you have to bait it daily and relocate the critters at least five miles away, which gets old after awhile. If we can find a car that isn’t known to be a rodent magnet it would be better yet. (Poisoned rats will sometimes try to get back into their nest to die whether that’s in the walls of a house or a car so it’s not always the best approach. If they don’t make it back to their nest to die, other animals who catch them after they are poisoned tend to die too — cats, dogs, hawks, coyotes, etc.)

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If it’s one the subies have for rodents, is a flat warm engine w/a “heated celling” AKA the intake manifold. But, the best thing to do is keep food out of the car, anywhere near the car, and remove any/all tree debris from the cowl area/under the hood with a vacuum. I also have the shop I use blow out all said areas with compressed air at least twice a year, a clean engine compartment is a happy engine :slight_smile:

I forgot one more item-mice/rodent repellent - it looks like a tea bag, only it contains peppermint oil-a natural repellent.