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Sound metal rattling at transaxle

My 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan has a sound metallic rattling at about transaxle area (I am not sure if it’s a transaxle issue) when it’s cold but when it’s at operating temperature, i don’t hear it anymore. Fluid level is correct and clean, I just have the fluid changed. Shifting is fine, just annoying sound, not loud but it can be heard easily, thanks.

Might be a loose heat shield on the exhaust system near the engine.

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good point, I hope that all it is! thanks Texases

CB, explain a little more about when you hear this. Is this an automatic tranny or manual? Does the sound occur during idle, when the car isn’t moving? Or only when driving? If so, have you tested all gears, including reverse? Any change to the sound on upshifts or downshifts?

Tester is probably correct, metallic rattling sounds are often associated with the exhaust system, and a cat heat shield coming loose from its moorings the most common cause.

Click and clack had a call about something similar - Ray had a brilliant solution in that show worth considering : when accelerating the torque pulled the tranny up a bit so it didn’t rattle the neighboring components - explanation : worn tranny mount.

If it’s absolutely true that temperature is all that matters, that’d be different. Also don’t know anything about your car - Anyways, my 2 cents - usually way off.