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Metallic Rattling Sound

Hello; I have a 2001 Saturn SL2 1.9 liter DOHC. I am getting a metallic rattling sound from under the car. The sound happens only at certain RPM idling speeds; what could this be? Please help. Thanks, Mel

It could be the heat shield on the catalytic converter or something else connected to the exhaust system. More information would help. Does it happen when you’re stopped, moving, or both? Going straight? Turning? etc.

Thanks; just at certain idle speeds when idling in drive when stopped; I think it is some kind of heat shield or exhaust system component there is some sort of cylindrical exhaust part under the car before the catalytic converter which sees to be the source of the rattling - what is that thing called?

Its probably just a heat shield - in which case, its called a heat shield.

so the heat shield is something else and does not cover the catalytic converter?

looks like a cylindrical part with lots of holes in it? is this a heat shield - looks like its on the exhaust pipe before the catalytic converter

Exhaust designs vary but the cat probably has a heat shield. So will many other parts of the exhaust. Cylindrical with holes is the way some will look. The holes allow air circulation to keep the shield from just being as hot as the pipe & providing a cooler shield between the pipe and whatever is near it.

Thanks; it looks like its covering the shape of the pip and NOT the catalytic converter

Thanks again for your help!

p.s. i can live with a rattle LOL

Something is loose. Get in there and start wiggling stuff