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Sound from gas pedal while car is off

hey everyone i have a fiesta st mk6. Im still learning since its my first car. Today i turned off the car and accidentally pressed the gas pedal and it made a sound. It kept making the sound everytime i pressed the pedal until power from the battery was completely cut off. Then i turned the battery power on but not the car and it made the same sound when i pressed the pedal. Im assuming this is normal?

Interesting. There’s either a mechanical or an electrical link (or some combination of the two) between the gas pedal and the throttle plate at the engine. My guess is yours is electrical. It should be easy to locate the source of the sound - under the hood somewhere? - before deciding what, if anything, to do. Good luck and please let us know.

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Yes the sound was coming from under the hood. It only happens when the battery power is on though. Otherwise nothing happens when you press the gas pedal.

You might be hearing the electronic throttle body opening when stepping on the throttle.


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Good ideas above. Could be a relay clicking too. I expect this is just normal behavior for your car. If you have an opportunity, you can confirm this theory by trying this same thing on another fiesta of the same vintage. Unrelated, but fyi some Fiesta’s have had some trouble with their dual clutch automatic transmission, link below.

Opening of throttle body is what i was thinking too. That should be the sound. Mine is a stick shift so i should be fine. Thank you so much everyone!