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Sound coming from my Honda Accords Wheel Well

About 2 days ago I started hearing a noise coming from my front right wheel well. It’s a light thumping noise that seems to occur when I go over rough parts of the road. What could this be?

I was planning a trip for this weekend and i need to drive about 500 miles. Can my car make it?


Is the strut showing signs of leakage?

I’m sorry to say that I have no idea what that is. This is my first car and I’ve only had it for about 9 months.

Have a good mechanic test drive it and then put it up in the air for a visual inspection. If it’s a serious problem, it won’t take them long at all to diagnose it.

Thank you

What year Accord is this? Accords are famous for worn ball joints, especially upper ball joints. I’m guessing you have a 1998 to 2002 model. If I am right it is annoying but not dangerous.

With a drive like that coming up, you really need to have a mechanic check it. Some front-end problems can be dangerous.

I agree. My post was meant to help guide the OP on what the likely problem will be.