Sorry if im off base in asking this i do appologize!

Hello everyone

now some of you might call me and idiot punk loser maybe I am

But there is someone in my life who is a real ignorant jerk loser bum drug addict liar thief who takes advantage of people even lower than him this person is a woman abuser poor father just down right a bad human being that has done things to me and my family stolen lied and threaten im not god a judge or even a police officer but this person must be taking down a few thousands pegs and I think I should do this, I could stomp his guts out but that would not be good for me or my loved ones,so this persons drives a ford SUV I think I want to disable it as best as I can via the gas tank,if not put out of commission until the year 2050

I need a funnel
gas lock pick and what else do I need

sorry if this is not the venue to ask such questions

You need help no one here can give you. Go to the Department of Human Services or what is comparable in your state.

yeh, not the venue for such a question. This group is more interested in keeping a car running then telling someone how to disable a car. You’ve got issues; but perhaps you need to talk it out with a professional, like a psychologist.

Disabling this persons vehicle will just make a bad situation WORSE…If nothing else, you must move completely away from this person, have no further business or contact with them… Just tell them: Don’t call me, don’t come to my house, don’t have any contact with my family…If they refuse to comply with your wishes, see your District Attorney and get a restraining order. You do not have to put up with out of control people…

You are better off leaving this to the legal system, I am not in your shoes, but my observation is it may turn out worse for you than the perpetrator. Right is not always an automatic dismissal of actions.

OP is the perpetrator. His motivation is secondary and he is engaging in criminal threatening.

You are in a difficult position emotionally, judging by your post. Stop and get away from the situation until you calm down and can think rationally again. Then determine what the person did that bothers you. Then contact DHR, or the police, or the District Attorney and get the issue sorted out. They can help you figure out the problems that they can help you deal with. Don’t do anything irrational. You can and will be held responsible, and that plays into your enemy’s plan.

A good lawyer would be the next thing you’d need.
If something happens to anyone involved, and they dig around as see you made this post, a good lawyer will help you more than anything

Do this, and say hello to a cop, or the target/his friends getting revenge. Neither option is good.

Find another way.

Is Baseball season already? Boy, I’m ready.

You’re not going to get any help on this forum about disabling a vehicle because you’re on the outs with someone.

If someone has done something illegal then push it with the police department.
If it’s a civil matter, sue them in small claims or district court.
If it’s a penny ante personal squabble then settle it face to face.

By this time tomorrow, there’s a good chance your post and all responses will be history.