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Temp Disabling my 96 Camry

I am wondering if there is a way to temporarily disable my 96 Camry at night so my boyfriend cant steal it while I am sleeping. My previous car, a Ford Focus, had a feature in the fuse for the Brakes, so if the fuse was removed the car wound not start. Any ideas?

Sure, get a new boyfriend. Throw him out, move away, there is nothing good about this relationship if you feel the need to disable the car so he won’t steal it. Your car is the least of your concerns.


I agree. If you disable the car, he may take out his anger on you.

Look in the owner’s manual page for the fuse descriptions. There should be a fuse labeled for the engine computer (ECM or ECU) and/or the ignition system (labeled IG or IGN). There’s often a starter fuse in that area too, often 10 A. That should prevent cranking. Those are usually inside the passenger compartment, near the driver’s left knee. Inside the engine compartment you could pull the main engine relay. I can’t speak to what all the effect of doing this might be to your car though. What if you hid the keys, or just put the keys under your pillow? Seems a simpler alternative.

Maybe I should purchase a “CLUB” and lock the Steering wheel??

Why not put the club on your boyfriend?

LOL, and some duct tape to avoid any back talk! I know, he’s already on his way out… or I should say I am… but it’s going to take some time to coordinate everything as I am not working at the moment. But I do have A PLAN!

If things have deteriorated to the point of looking at temporary ways to disable your vehicle, I think you need to accelerate your potential plan into a current action plan. Do you have parents/friends that could help you out while you try to find a job?

that’s what you need…

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You don’t need a way to disable your car…you need a new boyfriend.

The heck with the “plan”. Get out. Now. Any bozo that would steal your car at night is dangerous.

The car doesn’t need to be disabled. Your boyfriend does. I sincerely hope that you’ve been filing charges against him when he steal your car… or does other illegal thing s to you. If not, I urge you to please realize that he needs to be in jail. What if he uses your car for a bank robbery? Or to kidnap and rape a 16-year-old? Then you become complicit in his act.

What if he gets drunk or snorts a “line”, crashes into a car or a pedestrian and kills someone and then runs away? Who do you think the cops will trace the license plate to?

I might point out something . . .

Did OP say that the boyfriend did in fact steal the car?

The way it’s worded, it’s not crystal clear

Or is she proactively worried that he might, because the relationship is in the toilet?

Sometimes we imagine another person might do the worst possible things, but it doesn’t turn out to be so

But I agree with the others, sounds like it’s time to move on, and quickly, if possible

I think the OP is just “borrowing” the car. He’s probably just using it to run an errand, then bringing it right back. Not saying it is ok for him to do that w/o OP’s permission, just saying is all. BF/GF relationships are one of the interesting topics of the radio program. I wish this one had made the show. I think Tom and Ray would have brought both BF and GF on the air together to each state their side of the disagreement, which would have been interesting listening.

George brought up some funny memories . . .

I clearly remember that Tom and Ray didn’t automatically side with the caller. In fact, they often sided with the other party, who was often in the same room, listening . . . !

But they were equal opportunity. They were just as likely to call the boyfriend an idiot, versus calling the girlfriend an idiot. Although I think they preferred the term “whacko” :smiley_cat:

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