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Sonic is making me bonkers

I just bought a 2015 Chevy Sonic 1.8, 6 speed automatic, 33,000 miles The ac keeps cycling off and on every 20 seconds, The outside temp is 79 degrees f , but when I open the windows and turn ac on and the fan switch is at the high position the ac stays on and on the lower setting of the fan speed switch the ac cycles are much longer. is this normal? does the car measure cabin air temp and shut off the compressor automaticity. Any help will be appreciated

Are you sure it’s the AC, or could it be the radiator fan that kicks on when the AC is being used?

If it’s the AC, have the refrigerant level checked.

yeah its the ac I can see the clutch engaging and disengaging. I just don’t understand why the ac will have way longer cycles with the car window open. thanks for you help. I will get the level checked

is the a/c cold? is the temp staying constant? Can you stick a thermometer in one of the air vents and get a temp reading?

its cold when the compressor is running

I’m thinking this car has some sort of cabin temp sensor , that’s maybe why the ac will run longer cycles with the window open , the cold air is escaping ( just a thought):male_detective:t5:

The compressor cycles to control the evaporator temperature to prevent icing. If the A/C system were to continue cooling below 32 F the condensation on the evaporator would freeze and block the air flow.

Quite possible. No longer just on luxury cars. Saves fuel.